A little preview…

I plan to finally do a post on my kitchen/family room redo some time soon (maybe:). If it ever gets finished that is. I’m queen of starting projects but never quite getting them to the point of completion (eh hem master bath). Or even if I do complete them I’m awful about staging and taking photos. But, here’s a little preview since I finished sewing all the curtains today. Okay, almost finished- I still have one set to hem. Here is a peak at one of the ones in our family room. I decided I wanted to test out kind of a cafe curtain type of thing. I think it turned out really cute- there are 2 windows but it’s a pretty small room- I thought 4 curtains would just be too much and my goal is to keep it light and airy. I think this look definitely is pulling the room together. I feel so much more cozy now that the curtains are up and we have a couple things on the wall.  

Can’t wait to get everything up and the first floor entirely painted but after our painter fiasco (long story but I can’t believe we paid someone to do the job he did…) we’re a little hesitant to jump in and hire someone else. Can’t wait to show you where I’m going with the rest of the redecoration project though.itll get done slowly but surely.


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