Shine a Little Light on Me

so, we’ve established how much I love thrift store/flea market/antique store hunting. Lately, I’ve been kind of having fun looking for unique lighting. I bought a Lantern to go over my comfy rocking chair a while ago and J finally got it mounted. It’s a gloomy day so I decided we needed a little light in here.  

I’m sitting here enjoying the pretty patterns it creates on the wall and ceiling- how fun. 

Last week, while my big sister was visiting we decided to go walk around old town Woodstock. While checking out the Seeds of the Nation thrift store, I found a really cool table lamp for $5- lucky me it was 1/2 off day for my mom so that made it $2.50. Even luckier me, my mom treated so that made it a present for me 😊. I love it! And, this is the luckiest part, it’s a touch lamp and J taught M how to turn it on and off! M now just stands by the cabinet the lamp is sitting on and signs more over and over. Hopefully this doesn’t end in glass shards.  


All that’s left is to find something funky to replace our rarely used, modern looking ceiling fan. Someone in the neighboring houses has the same remote. We’ll be innocently enjoying some light and all of a sudden get a high blast of air from the fan. I wonder if they get the favor returned when we turn it off again? 

I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of my unfinished picture wall…notice the couch is not centered under it? I had to move everything when someone poured coffee behind the couch. I’ll let you guess who that was 😳.  



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