Color Me Crazy

I needed another project right?? I did I did I really really did! Well, I got one anyway. I was checking out a new “thrift” store which is really more like an antique store- called The Big Yellow House Thrift Store. Not sure why they call it a thrift store since their prices are more antique and so is the quality of their “thrifts.” But, I digress. And, I found this. 

What? It’s ugly right?? Look at that totally 80s laminate top and a coffee table with stools? Get out of here. So ugly. I love it. So, I had to take it home (and if you zoom and see the price- I didn’t pay that. I offered much lower, they said no, I said okay and then they said yes – ah how I love to haggle). The only thing I actually am not loving is the color of the vinyl seats. It’s just kind of weird. So here’s the thing- I was going to paint the whole thing white, but that wouldn’t really go with the yellowish seats. So, I got a sample of an almost white gray (may be too light but it’s okay- HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams paint samples are buy one get one free at Lowes until the 16th making them only $2.50 for a quart- can’t beat that!). But, then I was thinking, what about pink. Well, what about pink???? I love pink so I went back and bought fuschia. It’s wonderful. I’m thinking I’ll paint the table bottom with the white gray and the chair frames with the fuschia? But, maybe I should do it the other way? What do you think? 

While we’re talking about crazy projects, look- here’s the chair my mom bought me for $3.50. Well, actually she bought two- they are going to go around the beautiful new fuschia (eek?!) coffee table set in my living room (I’m creating a more kid friendly area since it has really become their play room and will now ajoin the newly assigned homeschool room- formerly known as the dining room).  

 Talk about ugly, but I like the shape a lot. The chair is getting a once over with the gray paint I bought and I already purchased some nice neutral upholstery fabric. 

So, on the list of things to come: 

Living room redo

Chair makeover

Coffee table makeover

Dining room table turned funky homeschool table makeover (I’ll explain that more later)

And, the painting- oh the painting!!! Have I mentioned M is teething and we’re in the middle of dance recital and still keeping up with homeschooling/co-op. Yeah, it’s a lot. But, that’s our crazy, chaotic, awesome life! And, the reason I am really working on making our home happy and love able? I was watching Four Houses on TLC earlier, you know the show where four owners of million dollar (and up) houses, visit and rate each other’s homes? Well, obviously these houses aren’t even in our realm of dream house and that doesn’t even count the hundreds of thousands in furniture and decor. But, I can honestly say- looking at the other people’s houses that I wouldn’t trade. My house may not be multi-million dollar but it’s us and it’s cozy and it’s full of things and people that I love! 


2 thoughts on “Color Me Crazy

  1. I love that unique little table! Can you make some kind of slipcover for the yellow vinyl? Hmm….

    I would do under the table pink, maybe the legs the white and then the legs of the stools white as well. But that’s just me. 🙂

    • Thank you!! I think I’m going to try painting the stools pink first and then see. But, that’s a fantastic idea about painting under the table pink and the legs the white to break it up. I may do that. I may paint one stool gray and one pink too to see. I’m so back and forth. I love white and neutral and I love big bold colors. I think I’m going for pops of color right now. I could recover the vinyl and I may decide to do just that if I end up not liking the way they look after I paint them. I’d rather keep the vinyl for the durability though so we’ll see.

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