A table to gather around

I had a minor hiccup in my coffee table redo so I decided to take a break and tackle my next big project, the dining room turned homeschool table. The plan is to paint the bottom a bright turquoise with a black board table top. Six cans of spray paint later and I’m almost finished with priming. I’m trying to do it right this time so I don’t end up having to redo it but we shall see- refinishing furniture is not really my forte it seems. Here’s how it looks so far (still needs one more coat of paint on the top).  


I’m hoping that this project will be finished by next weekend and I’ll actually be able to show you a final result one of these days (the living room is done so I really could show you some before and afters but…I’m really not good at photographing small spaces- my whole house is full of those.).


6 thoughts on “A table to gather around

  1. Oooh love how clean it looks nice and primed! I’m in the middle of painting a desk. I’ve opted for the brush route this time, although I’m using a small roller vs a brush. I’ve done the first coat of prime, have yet to do the second, and then I move on to the “delicate white” paint.

    One thing I learned when I painted my end tables and TV dresser for my living room? DON’T listen to the morons who work in the hardware store paint dept! I bought the top coat she advised and it it PEELED my paint off! Ugh…. This time I bought the proper stuff to paint on top!

    Good luck with the rest of the projects!

    • Thanks! What did they have you apply? I’m using minwax so it should be fine. I have learned my lesson about asking people who work in the paint department anything. I had to tell the people at lowes earlier that they could in fact color match with the Valspar chalk paint…

      • Some clear coat spray paint.
        This time I bought Minwax Polycrylic! If nothing else, I’ll go back and apply it on the living room furniture, but considering the kids already have crayon on those pieces… meh. I’ll just wait until they’re older and I repaint them. 🙂 Or replace them!

        Maybe if we go to stores that sell nothing but paint we’d have better luck!

      • Yeah- I dunno. I went to an Ace with Benjamin Moore paint (that stuff is expensive so you’d think they’d have a clue!) and sherwin Williams and neither place had any idea. Lol

      • Oh and let me know how the polycrylic works- I’m torn between that and just waxing the pieces. I am worried about misapplying the poly.

      • My cousin is a big wig in sales for Valspar, maybe I should ask him! HA!

        I’ll let you know if I ever get to that point. I wanted to do my last coat of primer today so I can finally start my actual painting, but I ended up spending most of the day putting together food for my meal swap group (I only had a month to do it…and waited until the last day haha!) and folding laundry. Then my meal swap meeting of course. I’m hoping to get back to work on the desk on Thursday!

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