Decorating with mid century modern

I’m nothing if not eclectic when it comes to taste in decor. As you’d see if you came to my house, it’s full of old stuff mixed with shabby chic, mixed with bright pops of color, and soft neutrals. As we’ve established, I really like old trunks. I love old suitcases. I like apple crates. I currently have a beautiful dark kidney shaped desk as my vanity. I have several pieces I bought new from pier one (like my kitchen dining set that I like a lot). One style that I usually say I’m not huge on is modern. I’m much more drawn to soft curves than jagged edges. I like warm colors rather than cool contrasting hues. However, when I started picking things for my new homeschool room, I realized I love mid century modern. I love the molded plastics and bright colors. I love the curves. Love them. So, I’m going to share with you all a couple of the inspirations for my homeschool room and the progress of my homeschooling chalkboard table. 

I’m loving this colorful circled rug to sit under my brightly colored table and chairs.  
Speaking of chairs- I bought 3 sets (in different colors) of these to go around the table.   

Here’s the color of the bottom of the table. That’s about 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint- I just put the 3rd coat of paint on and they look so vibrant. Can’t wait to get them sealed- anyone have any input on poly acrylic vs wax?  


And, to finish the room, we replaced the old ugly light fixture with this modern piece. Best part? It was on clearance for $15 at lowes.  

I can’t wait to share my finished homeschool room. I just hired someone to paint it a soft yellow at the end of the month.  


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