A Lot of Work Ahead

The painting in the living and dining rooms is finished and unlike our first disaster, this experience was awesome. The price was right, the painter was experienced, professional, and thorough. The rooms look fantastic. But, we (okay fine *I*) have realized that we just have a lot of furniture that I either no longer like, is not functional, or just doesn’t fit our lifestyle/decorating style any more. Like this china cabinet  

What is it doing in that room? Holding China and other dishes I never use. What is the style of it?  Vintage for sure but would it go in a mid century modern homeschool room? I’m thinking not so to Craig’s list it goes along with a whicker trunk, pier one hutch and our leather la-z-boy couch and possibly chairs (I’d be okay keeping the chairs and ottoman but also okay getting rid of them if it made selling the couch more likely). Oh how my tastes have changed and the realization that what worked when we moved in (or what we thought worked) is not ideal 3 kids later. 

Between trying to sell all that and trying to refinish a few pieces to make them functional, I’m going to have a long road in getting our house back together. I’m hoping that the homeschool table will be finished this week but with all the rain, it’s been tough to find time/opportunity to work on it.  Well, that and baby M makes doing much of anything a task these days. But, in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at our paint choices for the living room in paladin blue by Benjamin Moore: 


Neither of these pictures are super awesome at capturing the blue green color- I’ll take better pictures when I get everything else put together (maybe:).


Don’t worry I’ve already noted the height discrepancy in the curtain rods and that will be fixed (poor J). 

And, the homeschool room in Weston flax by Benjamin Moore:  


So, there you have it! Once the foyer is painted in a few weeks, we’ll be well on our way to having the entire first floor entirely painted. Hoping the refinishing projects come along just as quickly! 


One thought on “A Lot of Work Ahead

  1. I like the blue with the curtains! Looks so nice!

    I’d paint that hutch white and use it for storing all kinds of crap. I have a hard time parting with furniture though, even if it’s no longer practical for me! :\

    Good luck with your projects! I’m still working on my desk….. Someday I’ll be done!

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