Be Still My Heart…

 This made all the headache that was my chalkboard table worth it (to be blogged about another day- I’m almost ready to show you my completed homeschool room. Just a couple more elements to complete and I’ll actually have one room in my house completely finished!!).



Flea Market Finds

We had a fun filled morning at the lowes build and grow and then decided to ride down to a local indoor flea market. I got some things I’ve been looking for for a while:  


And, something that I was not looking for at all.  


An antique tea cart? I’m thinking it will become a shoe rack and eventually I will need to paint it. I’m all about eclectic but I just hung these new hooks in my foyer:  

And I’m not sure the industrial look and the tea cart look quite go. 

I’m thinking it may need to be a bright red or a bright yellow or even maybe a bright turquoise? What do you think? What color would you paint it? 

In other news, the chalkboard table is finished! I don’t have a picture yet but it’s pretty fun for the kids. I’m still working on my neat coffee table/kids table and I have a bunch of other decorating projects going on around the house. Who has the time? There has actually been a development on that whole project that involves me admitting defeat and going with a more neutral color scheme. Can’t wait to get it all done and share it with you!