Our Homeschool Room

It’s almost finished (but of course a complete mess- welcome to my life:). When I started fixing up the homeschool room, I didn’t really think much of it. Decided to do a chalkboard table and found the plastic chairs reminiscent of grade school classroom chairs and all of a sudden I realized I was doing the one thing I thought I never would with decor- going modern. 

Last Wednesday, the chair I had finally picked for Anya’s desk arrived. I looked at it and thought…wow that’s a lot bigger than I had planned for 😁. But, I love it. And, the kids love it. So, it stays. And, to be honest, it fits perfectly and so did the price! 

I found this red desk at a local thrift store and the ABC fruit crate at the Strasburg Emporium (you can find awesome vintage stuff there but be aware- sometimes the prices are iffy- I think I paid a little more for this crate than I normally would but really how perfect?). 

The girls are already having so much fun changing the dates on the calendar. Every morning they run down to put on a new date. This also involves pitter pattering over to the window to check the weather. The other day it went from partly sunny, to cloudy, to raining all within the span of a couple hours. 


My sweet oldest child intent at work! I love that the desk has a cubby to hold her school work. I may also add an art wall above the desk. 


So, there you have it! The start of our midcentury modern homeschool room.


5 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Room

    • It’s from Amazon (there should be a link in the blog?). It was very reasonably priced. It’s a little low at its lowest setting (which is what I needed) but I’m not sure how it would be with a regular sized desk.

      • I’ll let you know how it holds up! J says it’s comfy. I think it’s a little less cushy than I would like but the girls and max all love it..it swivels 🙂

      • One review I read says after about 5 minutes it loses it’s cushy-ness. Of course, the chair I currently use is pretty terrible as well! So I’ll wait to hear how yours holds up!

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