First Day

okay, it’s not our first day back anymore but I just did a little tidying up in our homeschool room so here’s a peek. There are a few things left to put on the walls but I can’t fit one single more piece of furniture in there!  


I need to try to take some pictures with my real camera (these are just iPhone pics) when the sun isn’t so bright. 

Here’s one of my favorite elements of the room even though I’m still not really sure what I’ll put in them!  

These are old coke boxes. The boxes themselves aren’t level so it kind of makes everything look a little off level but they’re not. J made the shelves with pipes and fittings from lowes. They turned out perfect! 

I’m also loving this little desk we got from the flea market (for $28!!!!). Now even max has a place of his own.

I also really loved this find my friend made- a desk for our printer. I hadn’t been able to find any sort of printer table that I liked and she came across this cute little desk, so we scooped it up!  It’s perfect for storage of computer paper too.

I have some maps to hang and some picture “lines” to make for the kid’s artwork and the homeschool room will be completely finished.

 What do you think? Could I possibly cram anything else into the space???