I’m moving!!! Well, kinda…

It’s been a while since I posted and here’s why 

Pretty good reason, eh? But, I think I’ve also evolved a bit. I wrote a while ago about how I wanted to try a capsule wardrobe (remember that?) but it didn’t really work out for a few reasons. 1) I had 3 kids 2) I homeschool and 3) See above picture. 

(Photo credit: Melissa Price, Memories by MP
Now that I’m finally wearing normal clothes again, I’m ready to tackle that idea. Maybe not the whole capsule wardrobe thing but I am digging in my closet, pulling out old favorites, giving away things I haven’t worn, or just plain don’t want to wear anymore. No more holding onto stained or worn out clothes because I may need a ratty outfit sometime. No more clothes that don’t fit hanging idly by while I choose different ones. Bye bye to the things I don’t love- hope you find someone new to take good care of you!

This is it- I’m going to wear the pieces I love, add a couple pieces I like each season and ditch the yoga pants. Wait no. No, I’m not going to ditch the yoga pants. I like those. But, I am going to try to put some effort into me every day. I love my kiddos and I love playing with them, taking care of them, and teaching them. But, I just feel better when I take a few minutes to put together an outfit that makes me feel pretty. It makes me more productive and more purposeful. 

To that end, I started a new blog. It kind of began with a quest for a diaper bag (which by the way ended in Australia– who knew?). But, I’ve been enjoying trying out new things (mostly for baby) or pulling out old things (mostly for me) and my plan is to keep you posted on how that works out. 

So, join me over at Mommy in Flats, where I am definitely always running (usually after a certain two year old boy who shall remain nameless) and hopefully sometimes inspiring you to reach into your closet and pull out something that makes you smile. Life’s too short not to wear what you love! 

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